domingo 21 January 2018
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Proceso energético para mejorar a nivel físico, mental y espiritual



Who I am: 

Monica Quintana from Las Palmas,  Canary Islands, Spain.

How many clases:

22 live seminars. Teleseminars: more than 300.

How have Dr. Yuen´s Seminars benefitted me?:

Overall wellbeing I would say.

I have learned to be neutral and focus my energy to make changes and improve in every aspect of my life. Things do not have the same effect  and energy as before. Now I enjoy the fact of less effect and more energy.

I think I am on the right track now. If I say I feel I am on the right track, Dr. Yuen would tell me: feel is only strong or weak; It would be: You think…not feel.

My creativity has improved.

My perception has improved.

I live easier and with no so much effort as before. In the past I used to find many difficulties for any simple thing or issue; or even complícate things myself. Now it is more a matter of fulfillment (there is a triad for that also).

The geometric figures from Dr. Yuen´s seminars  somehow is what have helped me to connect  better with this process of new thinking and feeling; besides the fact of just doing it, not thinking or undestandying. The corrections Dr. Yuen does in his seminars and teleseminars are what really get us to the main tool of Yuen Method- the  Intuition.

And the most important thing for me is that I am having fun doing it.

What do I recommend?

Experience the feeling (strong or weak). Feel all the way. If possible, have somebody close to you who also wants to improve his life; so you can share and support each other. I have my sister, my mother and other family members and we all learn and grow up as individuals and family. We care about giving benefits to others.

If you accept that you do not have any idea of where to start at, you will connect to the answers and the answers will connect to you.